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Treasury & Dealing Room Department
NAIB’s  Dealing Room is the first provider of a wide variety of financial market products in Tunisia. These services are being offered to our clients through our branches network in Tunisia.

Our existence in the international markets is represented by our professional team of dealers and advisors mainly to provide the best specialized services and to assist in combining treasury products with other banking products to suit our client financial business visions and needs.

We at North Africa International Bank Treasury and Dealing Room Department offer our services to corporate treasurers, natural persons, Bankers, to enable them to manage their Assets and Liabilities through our various listed products:

Foreign Exchange desk

Foreign Exchange desk is one of the active units at Treasury & Dealing Room Department; it provides wide varieties of products to solve all your currency risk management challenges, that include:
•    Fx spot,
•    Fx forwards,
•    Fx swaps,
•    Fx options and structured products,.

All FX products and services in all major currencies are being offered at a very competitive and expeditious way.

In addition to all of the above the F.X desk accepts the client Foreign Exchange orders such as overnight orders (profit taking & stop loss orders), day orders, and GTC orders, throughout the week.

Money Market & investment desk

Our Money Market & investment expert team provides the clients with most advanced financial advices and tools in order to enhance their investments returns and protect them from the market risks. All that by providing the hedging products which can enable our clients to manage their liquidity needs, reducing loans costs as well as protection from the market risks. In Addition, maximize returns within the required parameters.

Main Services provided are

•    Accepting all kinds of deposits in all major currencies with post or prepaid interest.
•    Structured investment products, covering the different assets classes with capital protection
•    Interest rate Swaps ( IRS )
•    Forward Rate Agreement ( FRA )

Avenue Kheireddine Pacha Ennassim Montplaisir, 1002 TUNIS - TUNISIA - PO BOX 485 - 1080 TUNIS CEDEX
Tél : (+216) 71 950 800 , Fax : (+216) 71 950 840
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